2023 Tournament Winners & Top 100!

January 16, 2024

Hi Captains!

Congratulations to the 2023 Yearly Tournament winning Fleets, with December’s winners now in the Hall of Fame!

Gold – SummitSilver – 龍Bronze – Trek Federation1st place winners will be working with our design team to create a custom reward. The Top 3 Fleets have also won a limited edition Achievement and Pin to show off in-game:

This year, every player who ends the year in one of the top 100 Fleets will receive a free, limited-edition Beacon Skin! These designs are colorfully animated and will not be accessible in the future.

The winning Fleet for each division as determined by the yearly rankings will receive a Crowned version for 1st rank. Division D will receive the normal version for all ranks.

This year’s prizes also include new Achievements and Pins for our Top 100 ranking players during 2023.

Every player in the top 100 will receive a limited edition Achievement and in-game Pin. Ranks 1-3 will reward Gold, Silver, or Bronze – with a commemorative blue version for all other ranking players.

It’s great to see so many new faces, and last year’s contenders climbing the ranks. Keep an eye out for these Captains, you may want to steer clear!

Please note: This year’s list includes 107 players, with 24 players sharing rank 84.

Thank you to everyone who participated in 2023!

With January already well underway, it’s time to unveil the new Tournament Set Designs! This year, all Tournament equipment will feature Fire Resistance (FR) values as their Primary Stat, valued by Rarity tier.

The team has been working on some big plans for this year that we plan to add to the game soon, including a complete Crew Collection and Ability overhaul!

As we close in on 1.0, make sure to stay tuned so you don’t miss any announcements and previews of what else we have in store for the Galaxy.

Thank you to everyone who has made a purchase this year, helping to support continued development.

Exclusive Starbux Packs – with an increased reward value – are also available at pixelstarships.com for anyone experiencing Regional issues when trying to make a purchase in-game.

As the 2024 Tournament Season continues, we would like to wish all Captains good luck, and good hunting!

-SavySoda Team

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